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Greece Golden Visa: Residence Permit for Owners of Real Estate

Enjoy life in Greece as a European Citizen. Best quality of life, safety, and access to the best educational institutions are the pillars of European life and you can now be a part of it. Let the Golden Visa be your gateway to the quality of life you have dreamt of. 

*Greek Golden Visa: New Rules applicable from May 1st, 2023

What is a Greek Golden Visa

The investment visa program offered in Greece, known as the Golden Visa, ranks among the most sought-after programs in Europe. Non-European residents who invest a minimum of €250,000 in Greece are eligible for a permanent residency permit. With our market proficiency, we have assisted families in discovering real estate and obtaining the Golden Visa in Greece. Before making a decision, it is important to gain knowledge on this program, including eligibility, investment prerequisites, and additional information. 

Greek Golden Visa Benefits:

  • The lowest entrance amount along Europe
  • Freedom to travel in Europe without a Visa
  • Quick process to get a European residence permit
  • 3 generations of family members included – unmarried children under 21, Parents & In-laws, partners
  • No requirement to live in Greece
  • Flexible investment options (Land, one big property, 2-3 properties together) *
  • Unlimited renewals of residence permit – As long as the investment remains in possession
  • Citizenship option – After a minimum 7-year stay (min 180 days per year)
  • Free education for kids in school
  • Free access to European, high-level education and health systems
  • Access to Business (as a shareholder, a CEO, or a Board Member)
  • Immediate income from investment
  • The lowest state fees
  • Applicants’ spouses or blood relatives up to the second degree are allowed to fund their investment

How to Get a Golden Visa?

  • Our lawyers can speed up the procedure to apply for a Golden Visa or any other Greek residence permit. We have detailed information about the process and the legal jurisdictions that work the fastest.
  • Also, we will complete the forms for you and review the paperwork to see if it meets the requirements for the Golden Visa.
  • Our lawyers assess the legal aspects of your investment property. They will ensure that your investment is the right one for your Greek residency. We offer full assistance in English, Russian, French & German.
  • Our consultancy service offers guidance with the entire process of applying for a Golden Visa – from selecting suitable investments to meeting all the requirements.

Our team comprises experienced professionals who can advise on a gal and financial matters related to real estate investment in Greece. As such, you can be sure that you are in safe hands when it comes to making decisions regarding your investment and residence permit applications.

Do you want to apply for the Greek Golden Visa Program?

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